Shoulder replacement parts

Instruments and implants for shoulder surgery


Machining of high precision surgical instruments for shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement is by far the largest segment of extremities joint reconstruction surgery. 

Shoulder prostheses include a humeral stem, humeral head or ball and glenoid socket. Humeral components are metallic, typically titanium or cobalt-chrome, whilst glenoid component is plastic-made (implantable polyethylene).

To perform shoulder replacement, the surgeon needs a large set of instruments such as chisels, reamers, screwdrivers, several trial instruments and many other. The most common material is AISI 630. Other stainless steels, like AISI 420B, AISI 420MOD and AISI 316L, are also used, as well as special plastics.

Valtecne entered shoulder instruments segment since 2016. The company is able to manufacture monolithic components as well as complex instruments with micro-assembly operations like broach handles.

Examples of instruments:

  • Chisels and reamers
  • Handles
  • Screwdrivers
  • Trial instruments