Knee instruments and implants

High precision parts for knee surgery


Machining of tight-tolerances single components to final micro-assembly

Knee replacement is a considerable segment of joint reconstruction orthopaedics, together with hip.

Total (THR) and unicompartimental (UKA) knee replacement implants typically include a femoral component, an insert and a tibial tray. Femur and tibia are metallic parts, made of titanium or cobalt-chrome, while tibial insert is plastic-made (implantable polyethylene).

Knee surgeons are equipped with a large number of instruments made of materials similar to the hip instrumentation, i.e. mostly stainless steels such as AISI 630, AISI 420B, AISI 420MOD and AISI 316L. Different materials like aluminum and titanium are used for a few specific components. Trial tibial inserts and other parts are made of special plastics like Propylux© or Radel©.

Valtecne has acquired a significant experience in the manufacturing of knee surgery components since 2013, mainly instruments. The company can deal with the manufacturing of the most complex instruments of knee surgery like femoral sizers, managing the whole process from the machining of tight-tolerances single components to high-precision final micro-assembly.

Examples of instruments:

  • Femoral/Tibial Cutting guides
  • Clamps
  • Keel punchers and tibial baseplates
  • Regulation instruments
  • Trial insert
  • Femoral sizers 
  • Tibial stylus

Examples of implants:

  • Tibial inserts