Hip surgery components

Manufacturing of hip instruments and implants


Hip surgery is one of the most important segments of joint reconstruction orthopaedics

Hip replacement procedures like total (THR), resurfacing and revision surgery requires a wide spectrum of implant and instruments ranging from femoral broaches, stem and related handles to several trial components. Adopted materials are titanium, cobalt-chrome and stainless steels such as AISI 630, AISI 420B, AISI 420MOD and AISI 316L, and special plastics.

Valtecne has a remarkable experience in the production of hip surgery components since 2013, most of which belonging to instruments segment. The company can manufacture monolithic components as well as complex instruments with related assembly operations.

Examples of instruments:

  • Broach handles and cup impactors
  • Femoral broaches
  • Reamers
  • Trial Head and Cup

Examples of implants:

  • Femoral stems
  • Femoral heads
  • Stem collars
  • Acetabular cup