CNC machining of high precision instruments and implants for medical devices applications


Instruments and implants

CNC machining of high precision parts for orthopaedic surgery

Valtecne can accomplish any need of med-tech in terms of precision-machined parts. The company is currently focusing on orthopaedic surgery, where both instruments and implants require the use of precision machining and finishing technologies.

Main applications range from hip and knee replacement, that are the most common surgeries and account for a large share of the market, to shoulder and spine reconstruction. The company can manufacture instruments and implants also for less popular applications like elbow, ankle, hand, foot and other also for the veterinary field.

Componenti per la chirurgia dell'anca

Manufacturing of hip instruments and implants

Hip implant components include femoral stem, femoral head, liner and acetabular cup. 

Strumenti e impianti per il ginocchio

High precision parts for knee surgery

Valtecne has acquired a significant experience in the manufacturing of knee surgery components

Componenti di sostituzione per spalla

Instruments and implants for shoulder surgery

Valtecne entered shoulder instruments segment in 2016 and since then has produced more than 15.000 parts.

High precision machining for spine surgery

Spine implants are typically made of a couple of screws linked together by the means of a spacer and a cord.