The Masters of Precision. Shaping Confidence in Orthopedics.


Your best partner for manufacturing medical devices parts

Valtecne is an established partner of medical devices manufacturers. The company was born in 1983 and since then it has acquired a solid expertise in machining of high precision parts.

Instruments and implants

Valtecne can accomplish any need of med-tech OEMs in terms of precision-machined parts. The company is currently focusing on orthopaedic surgery, where both instruments and implants require the use of precision machining and finishing technologies.

Mechanic technologies
for med-tech industry

CNC machining and finishing technologies for medical devices applications

Valtecne has considerable experience in the field of manufacturing medical parts for orthopaedic use, with a special focus on surgical instruments.
The company has at its disposal all the technologies needed to manufacture high precision parts for medical devices: fixed head turning, Swiss-type turning, 3-4 axes milling, 5 axes milling, EDM.


From technical drawings to manufactured med-tech parts

The core competence of Valtecne Technical Department is finding the way to manufacture a medical device according to drawings and technical specifications provided by the customers. Nonetheless, leveraging on 10+ years of experience in medical devices industry, the company is also able to help OEMs in designing their own products: a co-design approach is often very useful to prevent feasibility issues that could arise from manufacturing constraints.


Certified quality procedures for medical devices industry

Valtecne has always put a lot of effort into the implementation of its own quality system. Quoting from Valtecne’s quality policy, “the success of the company and the satisfaction of the customers depend on the quality of supplied products”.