CNC Milling

Horizontal and vertical work stations with milling up to 5-6 axes


The milling department is the showpiece of Valtecne’s technology

Mechanics milling

The milling department at Valtecne is specialized in manufacturing mechanical components that have non-symmetrical shapes or highly complex features such as perforations, fissures, pockets, grooves or three-dimensional profiles.

Our CNC workstations can, with a single setup, carry out multiple, simultaneous modifications on different sides of the manufactured component, such as milling the extremities, rounding milling or levelling surfaces.

Because our workstations are so flexible, it is possible to undertake the manufacture of limited-numbered batches, prototypes or components made to measure, and even employ the stations as secondary workstations to complete components which have been manufactured or semi-manufactured through other processes.

Fresatura meccanica cnc - Valtecne
Precision milling through cutting-edge technology

Our workstations, operating both horizontally and vertically, allow us each time to adopt the most ideal work settings, according to the characteristics of the specific component being manufactured.

Most of our machines are equipped with multiple pallets, optimizing the variety of our production capabilities.

Machining centers with 5 and 6-axes milling with CAM programming

The department includes several machining centers with 5/6 axes, all capable of generating mechanical components with highly articulated structures, in most cases machined from billet.

The 5-/6-axes machines are programmed using the CAM software Hypermill from Openmind. The company also has at its disposal the Vericut software, used in order to simulate the tools’ trajectory outside the machine, thus reducing the chance of errors during the production phase, even in the most complex jobs.

Fresatura metalli - Valtecne
Fresatura metalli - Valtecne
Milling metals and plastic materials

Our milling department can operate using any type of material. The most commonly used are different varieties of cast iron and steel, however other materials including aluminiumtitanium, and plastics can also be employed.

The maximum workable size is 900mm x 1000mm in cylindrical volume.

Manufactured products and their uses in different sectors

The pieces produced in our workshop are applicable to a wide and diversified range of industries from components for power inverters (eg. hubs, casings, conical gears) to rocker arms destined for the automotive industry, and from actuators for the oil and gas market to turbine blades and even mechanical parts for the health sector, which are typically more geometrically complex.

CNC machining centers for milling available on our machinery line


Horizontal and vertical machining centers, mostly multi-palleted

Workable sizes: 900mmx1000mm in cylindrical volume

Machine suppliers: Doosan, Makino, MCM, Mikron, Mori Seiki, OKK, Quaser


5-6 axes workstations, some multi-palleted

Workable sizes: 850mm x550mm in cylindrical volume

Machine suppliers: CB Ferrari, Hermle, Mikron


Valtecne is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and the IATF 16949:2016 standards (automotive sector).

Valtecne will provide on request any of the following:

  • reports of the dimensional specifics agreed with the client
  • certifications of quality assurance for any work carried out
  • certifications of quality assurance for any and all materials used (as supplied by us).

Valtecne has at its disposal a fully-equipped area divided between 5/6 axles  and with wire-cut EDM machining centers.

With the use of CAD CAM 3D software, it is possible to develop highly complex components.

Valtecne is able to offer an efficient supply service which includes manufacturing, any necessary heat and surface treatments, assembly and packaging.


Valtecne’s manufacturing facilities feature industrial washing machines, and stations for pickling, passivation, electropolish and ultrasound wash.

We also have at our disposal a manual operations department, with specialized personnel carrying out surface finishing in great detail, using sandblasting machines, hand-held polishing machines and furnaces for thermal treatments.