Wire-cut Electic Discharge Machining

Wire-cut EDM machines


The EDM department is a distinctive point of Valtecne in terms of both processing technologies and installed production capacity

Advantages of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

Thanks to its Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) department, Valtecne is able to produce extremely complex components with maximum precision. Its technology is particularly ideal for producing surgical instruments for the health sector.

Our EDM processes offer numerous advantages when compared to the more traditional manufacturing techniques of milling and turning. These include:

  • no mechanical strain is put on the piece, thus removing the need for complicated locking mechanisms
  • regardless of the number of components that have been commissioned, we can guarantee precise dimensions, since our cutters sustain even levels of wear-and-tear.
  • we are able to work with any materials irrespective of their density
  • we are able to generate any geometric shape or volume requested
  • we guarantee high levels of machining tolerance (±µm)
Lavorazione meccanica strumenti chirurgici
Special profiles without milling

The company has at its disposal several EDM machines with 4 axes, and a work table up to 550mm x 350mm x 400mm, which allow us to produce special profiles without the use of specific and costly milling tools.

CAM specifically for Electric discharge machining

Several of our EDM machines are equipped and operated through special CAM software which allows our technicians to program the required process, subsequently reducing the setup time.

Elettroerosione a filo - Valtecne
Electric discharge machining under contract for third parties

The EDM workstations are also used to manufacture prototypes, as well as producing work equipment for the company, meaning that Valtecne’s technical department has the capacity to both design and produce its own equipment.

Wire-cut EDM machinery available on our machinery line

Wire-cut electric discharge machines

Workable sizes: 550mm x 350mm x 400mm

Machine suppliers: Charmille, Mitsubishi, ONA


Valtecne is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and the IATF 16949:2016 standards (automotive sector).

Valtecne will provide on request any of the following:

  • reports of the dimensional specifics agreed with the client
  • certifications of quality assurance for any work carried out
  • certifications of quality assurance for any and all materials used (as supplied by us).

Valtecne has at its disposal a fully-equipped area divided between 5/6 axles  and with wire-cut EDM machining centers.

With the use of CAD CAM 3D software, it is possible to develop highly complex components.

Valtecne is able to offer an efficient supply service which includes manufacturing, any necessary heat and surface treatments, assembly and packaging.


Valtecne’s manufacturing facilities feature industrial washing machines, and stations for pickling, passivation, electropolish and ultrasound wash.

We also have at our disposal a manual operations department, with specialized personnel carrying out surface finishing in great detail, using sandblasting machines, hand-held polishing machines and furnaces for thermal treatments.