Mechanical assembly and metal finish

Highly complex assembly operations, micro-welding, metal surface finish


Highly complex mechanical assembly and high quality surface finish for all produced components


Valtecne has at its disposal a department assigned to the manual assembly of highly complex mechanical components.

The company can boast specialist expertise in complex assembly, of components for the health sector and other fields.

Furthermore, the department can carry out welding and micro-welding, all types of metal surface finish, as well as washing, pickling and passivation to protect the produced components.

At the end of the production cycle, Valtecne has at its disposal a specialist department to carry out highly complex assembly operations.

Teams of highly trained workers can in a single sitting, or through multiple phases, carry out the assembly of constructions made up of dozens of components.

The department is equipped with workstations comprising specialist toolsets for construction and assembly: pliers, clippers, reamers, etc.

Valtecne has at its disposal industrial washing machines and a facility for pickling, passivation, electropolish and ultrasound wash.

This is aimed at providing a chemical wash for the components, and subsequently protecting the treated pieces, prior to the pickling and passivation phases.

The system also provides rapid cleaning and degreasing, using ultrasound.


Valtecne makes use of arc welding (MIG and TIG) and laser welding, operated by specialist personnel who hold the necessary accreditations.

The laser machines are semi-automatic, operate on 3 axes, are equipped a microscope for micro-welding and can carry out circular welding using a spindle.

They are most commonly employed in the health sector for small-sized components and the oil & gas sector for larger components.

The company has at its disposal a department specialized in surface and detailed finish. The machinery at our disposal includes a lapping machine, a laser marking machine and an array of sandblasting machines and hand-held polishing machines, as well as furnaces for thermal treatments.

The department focuses on productions for the health sector and , to a lesser extent, components for the power transmission sector and the automotive sector.

Available equipment in the department of component assembly and finish

  • Lapping machine
  • Laser welding machine, MIG, TIG
  • Laser marking machine
  • Furnace for thermal treatments
  • Washing tunnel with passivation, pickling, electropolish and ultrasound wash
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Sandblasting machines
  • Packing machines/Manual taping machines

Valtecne is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and the IATF 16949:2016 standards (automotive sector).

Valtecne will provide on request any of the following:

  • reports of the dimensional specifics agreed with the client
  • certifications of quality assurance for any work carried out
  • certifications of quality assurance for any and all materials used (as supplied by us).

Valtecne has at its disposal a fully-equipped area divided between 5/6 axles  and with wire-cut EDM machining centers.

With the use of CAD CAM 3D software, it is possible to develop highly complex components.

Valtecne is able to offer an efficient supply service which includes manufacturing, any necessary heat and surface treatments, assembly and packaging.


Valtecne’s manufacturing facilities feature industrial washing machines, and stations for pickling, passivation, electropolish and ultrasound wash.

We also have at our disposal a manual operations department, with specialized personnel carrying out surface finishing in great detail, using sandblasting machines, hand-held polishing machines and furnaces for thermal treatments.