CNC processing and finishing technologies



Manufacturing mechanical components using both fixed-head and Swiss turning CNC lathes

In the Valtecne turning department it is possible to carry out every kind of mechanical CNC turning as required by the different industrial fields for which they are destined. These include:

  • External modifications to the product, through traditional turning techniques, in order to obtain cones, roundings or chiselled sides, as well as incorporating tapers, grooves, truncations and threading.
  • Internal modifications to the product in order to carry out traditional drilling, deep drilling, cross drilling, reaming, boring and tapping.

The production is ongoing over the course of three daily shifts, guaranteeing the customer a speedy production deadline.


Horizontal and vertical work stations with milling up to 5-6 axes

The milling department at Valtecne is specialized in manufacturing mechanical components that have non-symmetrical shapes or highly complex features such as perforations, fissures, pockets, grooves or three-dimensional profiles.

Our CNC workstations can, with a single setup, carry out multiple, simultaneous modifications on different sides of the manufactured component, such as milling the extremities, rounding milling or levelling surfaces.

Because our workstations are so flexible, it is possible to undertake the manufacture of limited-numbered batches, prototypes or components made to measure, and even employ the stations as secondary workstations to complete components which have been manufactured or semi-manufactured through other processes.


Wire-cut EDM machines

Thanks to its Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) department, Valtecne is able to produce extremely complex components with maximum precision. Its technology is particularly ideal for producing surgical instruments for the health sector.

Our EDM processes offer numerous advantages when compared to the more traditional manufacturing techniques of milling and turning. These include:

  • no mechanical strain is put on the piece, thus removing the need for complicated locking mechanisms
  • regardless of the number of components that have been commissioned, we can guarantee precise dimensions, since our cutters sustain even levels of wear-and-tear.
  • we are able to work with any materials irrespective of their density
  • we are able to generate any geometric shape or volume requested
  • we guarantee high levels of machining tolerance (±µm)

16Ton and 63Ton broaching machines for the manufacture of internal gearing and other components

Thanks to broaching, Valtecne can manufacture components with a high yield rate, that is high-numbered quality batches in a limited time-frame.

We recommend broaching over alternative forms of manufacturing, especially when dealing with removal of shavings, contours with straight or helix-shaped gearing, contours with keyways and square or hexagonal contours, and all guaranteed with a high level of precision and finish.

Broaching allows us to work using different and particularly resistant materials (up to 120Kg/mm2).


Highly complex assembly operations, micro-welding, metal surface finish

Valtecne has at its disposal a department assigned to the manual assembly of highly complex mechanical components.

The company can boast specialist expertise in complex assembly, of components for the health sector and other fields.

Furthermore, the department can carry out welding and micro-welding, all types of metal surface finish, as well as washing, pickling and passivation to protect the produced components.