Prototyping and sampling



Design skills and methodologies

The adaptability of the company system, allows us to respond quickly to our clients’ prototype needs.

Valtecne’s know-how, means we can collaborate actively with our clients in order to find the most adequate solution, in order to then move from prototyping to large-scale production, including the planning and constructing of the necessary machinery.

The company is able to offer an efficient supply service that includes manufacturing, any necessary heat and superficial treatments, assembly and packaging.

When approaching the production of a new item, Valtecne carries out a structured feasibility analysis (FA), managed via a dedicated workflow in the ERP system. The objective of FA is to examine in depth specific customer requirements and discuss any critical issue before launching the production workflow.


Computer Aided Manufacturing

Valtecne has invested in CAM software to program CNC machines, this is mandatory when mechanic parts have complex shapes.

The company utilizes Hypermill, the CAM software by Open Mind Technologies AG, to assist the manufacturing of med-tech parts through 5-axis machining centers. Swiss-type lathes are indeed programmed via Esprit, a CAM software suited for turning operations. When Valtecne technicians have undertaken their analysis, they can directly send the programs via Ethernet to CNC machines, according to the principles of industry 4.0.

Furthermore, the company has at its disposal Vericut, a software used to simulate the trajectories of cutting tools in order to avoid errors and collisions during the machining.