CNC machining of mechanical components for industry



The procedures used for production are extremely sophisticated, as the company puts in place, at the customer’s service, the expertise of a qualified staff and the use of highly technological tools and materials.

Lavorazioni meccaniche settore energia

Turbine blades

For the energy sector

Valtecne has a long-standing experience in the processing of turbine blades and both steam and gas compressors.

Lavorazioni meccaniche settore trasmissione

Power reducers

for the power transmission sector

Valtecne specializes in processing for industry and handling in general such as planetary carrier power reducers, hubs, bodies.

Lavorazioni meccaniche settore automotive

Mechanical parts

For the automotive sector

Valtecne has been working for years in the automotive sector, in the production of rocker arms and cylinders for combustion engines.

Lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione

Other applications

for the most varied sectors

The flexibility of the machinery and production processes allow to manage any type of order in the field of precision mechanics.