Corporate social responsibility


Valtecne encourages sustainable development through acts of corporate social responsibility, by maintaining a healthy local presence

Valtecne has always pursued the path of sustainable development through a social responsibility policy developed by the top management and shared with the workers.

The guiding principle of this policy consists in considering the company from a broader perspective, which involves all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local community – and adopts behaviors towards each of them inspired by a precise system of values​​.

Valtecne wants to be a development actor not only for its members, but also for the local context and for all the stakeholders who work there.

The social responsibility policy is an integral part of the corporate strategy: in carrying out the business activity, Valtecne has set itself the goal of generating positive impacts , for itself and for its interlocutors, under the economic, social and environmental profile.

The social and solidarity initiatives that the company has been carrying out for years are part of this context.

Dynamics PRC - Sponsor
Sponsor di Dynamis PRC
Valtecne is a Gold Sponsor of DynamiΣ PRC is the racing team of Politecnico di Milano that competes in the international Formula Student championship. It is composed by students from the various faculties of Politecnico, with the aim to design and product a single-seater racing car (fullelectric & driverless), evaluated in  dedicated circuits at world-famous racetracks.
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Among the most significant is the constant support of Onlus Cancro Primo Aiuto (Onlus Cancer First Aid), which offers social welfare and medical support to those suffering from cancer, as well as their families.


There are constant activity programs with schools, with initiatives that are mutually beneficial.

Valtecne also promotes work-related learning projects with a view to forming young people for future job opportunities.