Leading specialists in the production of precision machine parts for over 40 years


Specialized precision mechanical components using any standard material: cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and other materials


From a small artisan organization to a high-tech industry

Valtecne was formed in Berbenno di Valtellina in 1983, thanks to the passion and determination of the current president Vittorio Mainetti, who founded the organization.

The character of the artisan business which distinguished its early years ultimately became the modern day organization typified by great energy and integrity, capable of operating competitively in numerous high-tech sectors of industry..

The continuity of the company is guaranteed by the Managing Director Paolo Mainetti.

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The team

Valtecne's indispensable strong point

The company’s personnel is composed of skilled veterans with vital experience alongside enthusiastic young co-workers, being introduced to the world of technology. The use of CAD/CAM programs is standard practice in the manufacture of all parts.

Thanks to the Valtecne team dependability, manufacturing has always been carried out in three shifts, in order to offer our clients maximum production capacity..

This results in an adaptable company, able to nurture its workers’ talents and passion, making them a great asset of technical innovation.

Attention to customer satisfaction

Professionalism, experience and being competitive: the client's needs are at the heart of the company

Valtecne offers a “tailor-made” service procuring the necessary raw materials or semi finished products, providing the mechanical work, superficial alterations, heat and/or superficial treatmentsinspections and any certifications required by the client.

Our desire to improve both our quality and competitiveness is the basis for our success and the satisfaction of our clientele.

Business Management

Computer Technology used by the company

Valtecne makes use of a single and efficient ERP class operating system software for all company’s sectors.

This option allows for maximum collaboration between the various offices and departments, as well as great efficiency in acquiring all information regarding the client’s needs (sales figures, estimates, orders based on manufacture and quality).

Respect for the environment

The necessary investments to reduce our environmental impact

Valtecne has opted to balance the energy consumption of its machinery by producing electricity through renewable resources, and since 2011 it has made use of a 200 KW photovoltaic system.

Furthermore, the company has energy efficient lighting systems as part of its commitment to reduce consumption and protect the environment.